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Plants and Accesories


Bonsai driftwood is all made by totally natural driftwood & handicraft in many shapes and styles to create natural appearance for your décor choices.

All natural marble& granite pebbles chips

All natural marble& granite pebbles chips, Real onex , More than 100 verities starts from 42/- kilogram

Aquaponic kit GA- 005

* Environment friendly
* compact, unique design and easy to set up
* Green plants & fish in One unit .


Realistic Looking Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decor for Saltwater Fish & Freshwater Fish Tanks. Made of High Quality Resin, Colors are all the way through. Non-Toxic, Safe to fish, invertebrates. Many caves and hideouts for fish to swim through. No Special Reef Aquarium Equipment needed.

Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants, also termed as hydrophytes or aquatic macrophytes, live within watery environments. In the ecosystem, aquatic plants serve as food and habitat for animals living in the sea and prevent shorelines, ponds and lakes from eroding by providing soil stability. Characteristics common to aquatic plants:
1. Most aquatic plants do not need cuticles or have thin cuticles as cuticles prevent loss of water.
2. Aquatic plants keep their stomata always open for they do not need to retain water.
3. On each side of their leaves are a number of stomata.
4. Aquatic plants have less rigid structure since water pressure supports them.
5. Since they need to float, leaves on the surface of plants are flat.
6. The presence of air sacs enables them to float.
7. Their roots are smaller so water can spread freely and directly into the leaves.
8. Their roots are light and feathery since they do not need to prop up the plants.
9. Roots are specialized to take in oxygen. Adaptation of aquatic plants is evident by their structure: deeply dissected and waxy leaves, specialized pollination mechanism and variation in growth pattern. These are the types of plants based on adaptation:
1. Totally submerged plants – Are considered true water plants or hydrophytes. Example: Water starwort submerged in a marsh pond.
2. Floating plants – Are rooted in floating water (example: water lily) or not rooted in the sediment just on the surface (example: duckweed).
3. Swamp plants – Are emergent plants with their lower part submerged. (Example: reed mace).

Aqua Gro

Aqua Gro is a substrate specially developed for aquatic plants and shrimps that need specific nutrients for growth. Its is all natural and highly recommended for enthusiast who want to grow their aquatic plants and shrimps well.

Hand made bonsai tree

Artificial coral


Planted Aquarium Tools all varieties Curved spring shears Curved forceps Straight forceps Soil spade Wide grass forceps Straight spring shears 45° forceps available

Premium Natural Substrate For Planted Aquarium

Aqua Solum Black Humate.

Artificial coral

SunSun Led AD-200 Digital Display

Temperature and Timings .

Aqua Growth Soil

Aqua Growth Soil Information is enrichedsoil for fresh water aquarium and is ideal for healthy plant growth and strong rootdevelopment. High temperature treatment (around†1200∞C; 2192∞F) gives its physical properties and allows it to be free of parasitic species which could contaminate the aquarium.

Marine nano aquarium & corals

Aquarium Artifical soft coral

AQUARIUM Artificial coral reefs

Co2 regulator For planted aquarium


Aquatic planting tools

aqua plants available in different sizes and colours

Stainless steel Lilly pipe

For inflow and outflow The fish swimming against the current The plants wavering in the water The water current is important for the aquarium.

Carpet plants

Aqua plants


frog bite floating plants

pista floating plants

floating plants

ludwigia floating plants

Artificial coral reefs Multi colour and shapes and sizes

Artificial coral reefs Available in multi varieties and colours

Artificial coral reefs Under blue lighting

Synthetic rubber coral

Synthetic Rubber Multi colour multi varieties and sizes corals for fresh& marine aquarium




SUNSUN LED Aquarium lighting ADO Series all sizes and colours

PEBBLES HIGH POLISH Natural stone multi varieties/colour/ sizes available

PEBBLES multi varieties suitable for aquariums and interior decorations

Artificial aquarium plants

Available all sizes colours and shapes. _NON TOXIC -- COLOR LAST -- BASE INCLUDED -- for freshwater & saltwater

CORAL Artificial aquarium corals

CORAL Artificial aquarium corals different sizes and shapes and colours

Sun Sun LED Aquarium lights

model SL Series SL300 6W, SL400 10W, SL600 12W, SL800 16W, SL1000 20W, SL1200 24W, SL1400 36W, SL1500 42W.


Size:E series 300 /12w 450/ 18w 600/ 24w 800/ 36w 1000 / 42w 1200/ 54w classic heat sink, game special lamp, Adjustable telescopic support, 110° of acrylic filip bracket.

Pond LED lights

available Stainless steel body& pvc body 6 , 9, 12 watts.