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Aquarium Maintainance & Installation

Nemo’s World can help From the beginnings of customize aquarium design and installation to the ongoing aquarium maintenance. We employ a highly skilled team of professionals to care for your aquarium. These professionals will customize a maintenance program for your aquarium that will optimize its health, appearance, and overall well-being. Nemo Aqua Pets provide the value of satisfying all of your aquarium needs from start to finish. Wheather its a classic aquarium or a customized high end design.

No Aquarium is to small or too large for us to tackle we have fitted aquariums into serving hatches between kitchens and dinning rooms to aquariums that act as room dividers. We are at home installing or maintaining Tropical, Marine, fresh water or Planted aquariums. We also supply all that you would need to stock any of these systems.

When it comes to the maintenance of an aquarium we will attend both private and commercial installations & maintainance.