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Aquarium Maintainance & Installation

At Nemo Aqua pets, aquarium maintenance is an important chore that keeps your little pets healthy and happy. We hire skilled staff for your aquatic care. We ensure satisfying service by offering customized maintenance program to nurture your little pet’s health and keep their home fresh and lively. We adopt well equipped tools for aquarium installation, whether given a limited or spacious ambience, aquarium will be accordingly installed.

Installation and Maintenance procedure

  • 1. The aquarium tanks and essentials you ordered will be delivered by our skilled staff to your door step.
  • 2. Our skilled staffs will set up the aquarium according to your preference.

  • 3. After installation, you will be provided with the instructions about aquarium maintenance and your little pet’s (fish) feed.

  • 4. You can also opt our customized maintenance program, wherein you can book your convenient slot. Our skilled staffs will be sent to your home or office, to clean the aquarium and to check the fish’s health.
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